Bombed Out — 1994-1995

Elliott Barowitz

330 Lafayette New York, New York10012

212 966 6249




In the sheet of slides the first eight represents responses to the destruction in Beruit, Bosnia and Chechnya.  The works are comprised of various paint media, photocopies, enlarged and reduced, text-quotations and attached objects. 


The paintings were done in pairs; the left panel is mostly consumed with the bombed-out image and the right panel shows the bombed-out image reduced and fading into a deep space.  The pairs themselves are successively reduced and are 1/4 the size of its predecessor.



Slides 1 & 2:  803/8” x 637/8”


Left panel text: SHALL WE SERVE THE HORS D’OEURVES AND COCKTAILS NOW OR SHOULD WE WAIT UNTIL THE SHELLING STOPS.  (Over heard in Beruit, from: Beruit to Jerusalem by T. Freidman)  The surrounding objects are toy war planes and soldiers.  1994-1995.


Right panel text:  ...THE MOST COMMON...SOURCE OF FACTIONS HAS BEEN THE VARIOUS...UNEQUAL DISTRIBUTION OF PROPERTY.  (The Federalistby James Madison)  The surrounding objects are toy animals.  1995.


Slides 3 & 4:  40” x 32”


Left panel text:  SWITZERLAND HAD... LOVE...500 YEARS OF DEMOCRACY...PEACE- AND WHAT DID THAT PRODUCE?  THE CUCKOO CLOCK.   (From The Third Man  by Graham Greene)  The surrounding objects are car stick-ons.  1995.


Right Panel:  ...EUROPEAN PEOPLES WOULD HAVE BEEN HAPPIER...IF THE PRIESTHOOD HAD BEEN DEBARRED FROM OWNERSHIP OF LAND.  (From the Talmud: Deuteronomy XVIII, 1-8,)  The surrounding objects are car medals.  1995. 


Slides 5 & 6:  20” x 16” 


Left panel text:  THE SPECTACLE IS A[N]...OPIUM WAR WHICH...MAKES PEOPLE IDENTIFY GOOD WITH COMMODITIES AND SATISFACTION....  (From The Society as Spectacle by Guy Debord)  The surrounding objects are medals of Kasmir Lenin.  1995.


Right panel text:  THE CAPTURING OF...ANIMALS AS...SYMBOLIC OF THE CONQUEST OF ALL DISTANT AND EXOTIC LANDS.  (From About Looking by John Berger)  The surrounding objects are assorted figures. 1995.


Slides 7 &8:  10 1/4” x 8 3/4” 


Right panel text:  NEXT TO OF COURSE GOD AMERICA I LOVE YOU LAND OF THE PILGRIMS’ AND SO FORTH.  (bye.e. cummings)  The surrounding objects are religious medals and milagros.  1995.


Left panel text:  GODDAMMIT LOOK ... THEY GOT THINGS AND WE AIN’T...THEY DO THINGS...WE CAN’T ...IT’S LIKE LIVING IN JAIL.  (From Native Sonby Richard Wright)  The




surrounding objects are assorted earrings.  1995.   


The work owes much to the satirical German photomontage artists, Hannah Höch, George Grosz and John Heartfield.